The Lovely Athena

Deluxe presents an OG salad with our own signature twist. We create a pillow from Feta cheese for cucumbers, tomatoes, Kalamata olives, fresh greens and red onion all tossed in our Deluxe Lemon-Olive oil dressing.


The Lovely Athena
Octopus Salad

Goddess Octopus Salad

Tender pieces of fresh octopus are slowly cooked in a secret seafood broth accompanied by micro greens, romaine lettuce, diced onion, tomatoes, cucumbers and all tossed in a Ponzu based citrus dressing. A perfectly vibrant starter


Charcoal Caesar Salad

Lightly grilled Romaine Lettuce with rich and creamy homemade Caesar dressing, shaved Parmesan, Dropped Peppers, and Deluxe croutons


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It's All There
Bloody Mary

Blackened shrimp, fried Shrimp, fried Salmon, fried Lobster tail, a pound of Crab legs, fried Soft shell crab, grilled pineapple, vegetables, pickles, olives, and of course celery. We serve it as a Bloody Mary. This is the Ultimate dinner cocktail but with our Deluxe Twist. Here we have Tito’s vodka, in-house made spiced Bloody Mary mix. It’s a perfect appetizer and a cocktail all in one

Add Baked Deluxe Oysters +$16 | Add Gold to Lobster +$24


Itti Bitty Fried & Pretty

6 fried mini puff pastries filled with ground beef and traditional spices. It’s made with a subtle outer crunch. Served with our signature sauce


Itty Bitty
Best dinner in Charlotte, North Carolina. Deluxe Fun Dining

Cheese Puffs of Heaven

This delicately baked puff pastry is filled with 3 types of cheese (Fontina, Mozzarella, and Feta). The presentation and taste will have you looking up to the heavens and thanking the cheese Gods


Baked Deluxe Oysters

6 oysters on half-shells that have been topped with a rich Béarnaise sauce, parmesan cheese, and baked to perfection
Add King Crab + $15


Best dinner in Charlotte, North Carolina. Deluxe Fun Dining
Restaurants in Charlotte, North Carolina. Deluxe Fun Dining

Fried Lobster 'N' Love

The sea has offered one of its own 6 oz lobster tail, delicately fried to perfection on a bed of roasted bell peppers and asparagus, drizzled with our lovers Deluxe Aioli


Lobster Puffs of Heaven

Our favorite puffs dish, stuffed with delicious lobster meat, Fontina, and cream cheese Lobster and cheese, what more could you ask for?


Restaurants in Charlotte, North Carolina. Deluxe Fun Dining
Restaurants in Charlotte, North Carolina. Deluxe Fun Dining

Mr. Crabs Dip

Our cheesy hot Lump Blue Crab dip is the ultimate share snack! It’s decadent, cheesy, with a touch of elegance accompanied by Crispy pita chips


Poppin’ Popcorn Shrimp

Our Deluxe twist on a classic. Crunchy fried shrimp, accompanied by popcorn and homemade Deluxe sauce. Our presentation of this dish will have you reaching for your phone... Instagram/TikTok anyone?!


Restaurants in Charlotte, North Carolina. Deluxe Fun Dining
Ribeye Medallions

Ribeye Medallions

It's never too late to get a leg into the flatbread craze with our marinated grilled ribeye medallions, honey roasted onion, roasted bell peppers, and drizzled with our spiced tomato aioli. It's our Deluxe take on a 2000's craze with a bit of smoke at the table.